The Walden on House Hunters- Airs TONIGHT!

Tonight is the night!!!

HGTV is one of our absolute favorite channels, so when we found out one of our homes in Kathleen Estates was going to be featured; you can only imagine how excited we were!  

Get your dinner ready, and tune in to the network at 8:00pm to watch!

House Hunters gives you an insider to tonight’s episode below:

“Justin and Jenny, think they’ve found the perfect place to raise their two little girls, so they’re pulling up stakes in Sacramento, Calif and moving to the suburbs outside of Boise, Idaho. While they’re excited about how far their $400,000 budget goes in Idaho’s affordable housing market, Justin still wants to spend wisely. Jenny, on the other hand, has a long wish list. Will they be able to find their dream home without breaking the bank?”