Cyber Home Shopping

Searching for homes online is not the same as buying clothes online.  I think we’ve all experienced the same sudden disappointment when you realize they don’t have the jacket you want in your size and favorite color.  Many of us would love to have our own personal tailor to make clothes that fit us PERFECTLY-why would we want our home to be any different?  Your home should fit you, your family, and your lifestyle.

We have learned through multiple market studies that customers are now shopping on websites first when looking to build/purchase a new home.   These technological advances serve as efficient ways to decipher what is available without leaving your home.  

When deciding how much “house” you want- take in to account that you can use our interactive tool to edit our floorplans.  If you need to add a fourth bedroom- add a fourth bedroom!  Other options include adding a patio cover, a fireplace, a gourmet kitchen, bonus room, RV garage, etc.

Before you rule out a floorplan that you love, visit floorplans and select customize this floorplan.

After you come up with some ideas; the next step is to take your thoughts to our Sales Center and discuss the possibilities with our team.  We are happy to help- it’s what we do best! 

 Barrett Floorplan with  customized options in red