Here is a crash course on how to build a scarecrow!

How To Build A Scarecrow And Win Money 101

Previous Scarecrow Entries

Previous Scarecrow Entries

Here are simple steps to building a scarecrow and winning $500 for your school, group, or club:

1) Register for our Scarecrow Festival Fundraiser. Haven’t done that yet? Click here to sign up: Scarecrow Festival FUNdraiser Registraition Form.

2) Pick a unique theme to build your scarecrow around. Stuck on ideas? Here are few great ideas from our Pinterest Board: “Scarecrow Ideas” or “Ideas For Making Scarecrows

3) Gather supplies! Not sure where to start? Check out these lists and get started: “Making a Scarecrow Simple and On a Budget” and “Garden Activities”

4) Make it unique: add some flair to your theme to make it unique. Think about what will set your awesome scarecrow apart from the rest!

5) HAVE FUN! Get together with your group and enjoy seeing it all come together.

6) Drop off your creation to your assigned community on the 23rd of October.

7) Then, invite your friends and family to visit and vote for your scarecrow October 24-31 so your group can WIN money!

You can check out the Coleman Homes Pinterest site and our Scarecrow Board for more ideas, inspiration and to view the links from above at any time!

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