Bonnie’s Best December Tips: Functional Pantries

“It’s a Wonderful Life” when your pantry is organized and functional.

I just wrapped up another fun appointment with some of our great homebuyers. These particular homebuyers are building an Andrew floorplan that has a spacious pantry and decided to place an outlet in the pantry.  This way, they can set up a beverage bar including their espresso machine and an iced tea maker! Gotta LOVE that! When it comes to designing your kitchen, think about functional details! Consider where you will want to store your small appliances, which ones you want out on the counter, and if any could be stored or even used in the pantry. Your Design Consultant can help you place outlets in the pantry so you can personalize the functionality of your Coleman Homes kitchen.


Photo Courtesy of

The photo above is a great example of a super functional pantry, showing the panini maker and crock pot set up in the pantry.

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