Now that’s why they call it “The Preserve!”

Tiny killdeer chicks rescued to safety

Baby Killdeer 1

One of five baby killdeer rescued at The Preserve in Eagle. Photo courtesy of Don Reynolds.

Eagle, Idaho is known as a haven for a wide range of wildlife, but two of our Coleman staff members witnessed this firsthand recently when they were able to aid some baby killdeer at The Preserve’s model complex.

Sales Consultant Kassie Dixon said the birds were discovered by a visitor and her young daughter who came to tour The Preserve’s model homes.

“The little daughter wanted to play on the toys in the Tot Lot,” Kassie explained, “so her mother let her do that while we finished the tour.”

Later when the mother went to fetch her daughter, she realized her daughter had made a discovery. Five tiny killdeer were trapped in within the low cement containment wall surrounding the Tot Lot.  That’s when the mother alerted Kassie to the situation.

baby killdeer 2

Parameter of the Tot Lot at The Preserve. Photo courtesy of Don Reynolds.

“At first the tiny birds were very hard to locate in the bark on the ground,” Kassie said, “and then I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get them out. The concrete walls around the parameter of the Tot Lot are about 8” to 12” high.  These babies couldn’t fly yet, and every time I went near the playground, the mommy and daddy killdeer would sound the alarms.”

Kassie was relieved when Coleman SWPPP & Land Builder Don Reynolds appeared on the scene. “Don scooped each baby out and lightly tossed them to the grass surrounding the playground,” Kassie said.  “After all five were out, he sloped a little “ramp” out of the bark just in case they fell back into the containment wall.”

Once the killdeer chicks were out of the Tot Lot, they ran into the surrounding landscape to hide.

“Both Mom and Dad killdeer were very vocal in trying to distract us away from the chicks,” Don said.  “I did hear the chicks chirping from the bushes as I left, but didn’t stick around to see them get together. Past experience has shown this wouldn’t have been an issue, though.”

“I am sure that mommy and daddy killdeer were promptly rounding them up to safety,” Kassie added.

Our thanks go out to both Kassie and Don for their kindness and quick thinking!  We’ll keep you posted on any further wildlife updates at The Preserve in Eagle!