Make Way for Ducklings at The Preserve in Eagle!

Mama duck builds her nest near The Emerson
Duck Eggs for blog-01

Coleman SWPPP & Land Builder Don Reynolds has discovered some new residents in the landscaping on the west side of the Emerson model home at The Preserve in Eagle.

“I walked up to check the laurels there and the mama duck flew out at me,” Don said. “That’s when I found her eggs.”

Duck Eggs for blog2-01Don has been watching the nest carefully, and has noted the mother duck’s preparations for her forthcoming brood. “I was able to snap a picture of the nest yesterday while the mama duck was gone,” he said. “Here, the eggs are under the down she has placed in the nest to keep the temperature regulated while she is away.”

Ones the little ones hatch, Don hopes they’ll find a refuge at the The Preserve. “Hopefully they will stay in one of our ponds for a bit before they grow up and move on,” he said.

We’ll check in regularly with Don and his crew, and keep you posted on any new developments with The Preserve’s newest feathered residents!