Community Spotlight – What’s Buzzing at The Preserve?

A springtime swarm stops by for a visit

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When a homeowner at The Preserve in Eagle discovered a large cloud of bees swarming in an empty lot next to his home last week, he reached out to Coleman Homes to see if we might be able to help. Our resourceful Communities Manager Don was able to locate a couple of bee-keepers through the Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club, and in no time at all, the swarm was safely contained.

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Our thanks go out to Coleman Homes Online Customer Concierge Stacy Heck and Communities Manager Don Reynolds for their quick thinking in bringing a fast resolution to this little surprise at The Preserve in Eagle.  We’d also like to extend our sincere appreciation to the Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club for their speedy response and amazing expertise – thanks for helping to keep our Coleman Homes communities safe!

The Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club website at is a great resource that makes it easy to identify honey bees and locate bee keepers – plus, it’s full of all sorts of fascinating bee facts.  Check it out!