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Danielle’s Design Scoop: Perfect Spring Pasta Salad!

Spring has arrived! One of my favorite ways to keep it fresh in the kitchen is with this perfect spring pasta salad that incorporates yummy seasonal spring veggies. Quick, light, and delicious, try one of my favorite pasta salad recipes this month! Orzo Salad with Radish and Fennel Lemony dressing and fresh mint add vibrant flavor. Serve […]

Danielle’s Design Scoop: Dress Up Your Front Porch!

Bring your entry to life with the colorful beauty of spring! Spring is just around the corner! Time to sweep up the leaves and debris from winter and create a fresh, inviting entrance. Greet your guests and neighbors as we venture back into the outdoors with a dressed up front porch.  Pots, planters or baskets filled […]

Danielle’s February Design Scoop: Under The Stairs

Under the Stairs:  Put That Small Space To Work! This month, I am tackling the trickiest of triangles, your under-the-stairs space.  Not sure how to turn this often-wasted square footage into something really exciting?  Well, check out these ideas!     Room for Rover                 Kiddie Kottage   […]

Danielle’s Design Scoop: Tile, Tile, Tile!

New Year, New Home — make it yours with tile!   Wanting to personalize your beautiful new Coleman Home with tile? We’ve got you covered! In the Design Gallery we have an extensive array of beautiful tile choices that will help you create a personalized look, from backsplashes to showers, to mosaics and more! During your […]