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Earn cash for your cause with the Coleman Homes Scarecrow Contest

Taking part in the Scarecrow Contest is easy, and it’s so much fun!  Here’s how to get started: 1) Register by filling out an entry form. You can find it here! The deadline is Monday, October 12 at 5PM. 2) Gather your group and get the creative juices flowing! You can make your scarecrow spooky or […]

Danielle’s Design Scoop: Perfect Spring Pasta Salad!

Spring has arrived! One of my favorite ways to keep it fresh in the kitchen is with this perfect spring pasta salad that incorporates yummy seasonal spring veggies. Quick, light, and delicious, try one of my favorite pasta salad recipes this month! Orzo Salad with Radish and Fennel Lemony dressing and fresh mint add vibrant flavor. Serve […]

Danielle’s Design Scoop: Dress Up Your Front Porch!

Bring your entry to life with the colorful beauty of spring! Spring is just around the corner! Time to sweep up the leaves and debris from winter and create a fresh, inviting entrance. Greet your guests and neighbors as we venture back into the outdoors with a dressed up front porch.  Pots, planters or baskets filled […]

Sara’s Stunning Favorites: Spruce Up Your Home for Spring With Chalk Paint

Bring a bright burst of color to furniture — even fabric! The mild weather we’ve been having these past couple of weeks has me thinking about projects for spring. Last summer a friend told me about chalk paint. This versatile product lets you add a fresh wash of color to almost any finish, with no primer […]

Danielle’s February Design Scoop: Under The Stairs

Under the Stairs:  Put That Small Space To Work! This month, I am tackling the trickiest of triangles, your under-the-stairs space.  Not sure how to turn this often-wasted square footage into something really exciting?  Well, check out these ideas!     Room for Rover                 Kiddie Kottage   […]

Trina’s January Top Notch Advice: Open It UP!

Open Up Your Existing Cabinet Space!   The new kitchen cabinet trend is to use open cabinets or shelves as uppers rather than the traditional cabinet. This new (old) style allows for a more simplistic look and adds character and depth to your kitchen. You can go for the rustic, traditional or the very modern. […]

Danielle’s December Design Tips: Christmas Quiche!

  As my family gets older, Christmas morning comes later and later in my house but, I love to make breakfast regardless of what time “Christmas morning” comes.  I keep it easy with something I can just pop in the oven and have prepped the night before.  One of my daughter’s favorites is quiche. I […]

Trina’s Top Notch November Advice: Spruce Up Your Christmas Tree!

It’s never too early to think about sprucing up your spruce! Does your tree need a face lift? Theme it! I love to use a theme to create a tree and it is usually fairly easy to do with ornaments you already have. I like to choose something that sparks my interest.   One year, […]

Sara’s Stunning Favorites: Wood Accent Walls!

I am loving the mix of rustic accents and modern elements to create an awesome urban-chic look. The rustic barn-wood wall is one of my favorite ways to achieve that urban-chic style. We like the barn wood accent wall so much here at Coleman Homes, that we put it in the Design Gallery lobby. You […]

Fall Family Fun! Vote For Your Favorite Scarecrow Today.

It’s voting time! Our 6th annual Scarecrow Festival Fundraiser is happening RIGHT NOW and your favorite scarecrows need your help to win cash prizes! Starting today, October 24th through October 31st all scarecrows will be on display waiting for your vote. It’s fun for the whole family, anyone can vote. Don’t forget to stop and vote for […]