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Finish & Feature Spotlight — Tyvek® HomeWrap® Makes the Difference

Introducing Tyvek® HomeWrap® by Dupont™ On blustery days when rain spatters the windows and wind howls at the eaves, we appreciate the comfort of sturdy walls around us and a sheltering roof overhead!  Those exterior features like shingles, siding, windows and doors are certainly your home’s first line of defense against the elements — but […]

Finish & Feature Spotlight — Multi-Slide Exterior Glass Doors

Bring the outdoors in with this beautiful new Countryside option Sunny weekends are made for breakfast al fresco or dinner on the patio with friends – and entertaining is so much better when indoor and outdoor spaces work together. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our  Multi-Slide exterior glass door option for new Boise area […]

Finish & Feature Spotlight — New Prairie Exterior Options

Our brand-new Prairie exterior options give you more choices than ever before! What’s one of the best things about building a Coleman home? The opportunity to watch your personal vision of “dream home” come to life!  Your selections make your home unique, and we love it when we can offer you even more options to […]

Finish & Feature Spotlight — New Fireplace Options

We’ve got so many ways to warm up your home! You’ve got your own distinctive style — and the fireplace you add to your home should be just as striking as you are! Our brand-new fireplace options at the Design Gallery make it easy to express the looks you love most. Choose your fireplace box […]

Finish & Feature Spotlight — Find your favorite place in front of the fire

Light up your living space with welcoming warmth There’s nothing quite like the soul-warming sound and soothing glow of a flickering blaze in winter — and with the convenience of today’s gas fireplaces, it’s easier than ever to brighten your home with that friendly flame! Here are just a few of the things you’ll love about adding […]

Finish & Feature Spotlight — New Options in Lighting & Bathroom Accessories

customizable home for sale meridian

Fun, fresh options let you personalize your space Here at Coleman Homes we love giving our home buyers lots of choices – that’s why we’re always excited when we’ve got the chance to offer you brand new ways to make your space unique!  Today we’re pleased to present fresh selections in Lighting and Bathroom Accessories. […]

Finish & Feature Spotlight — Get a Garage Door That’s Just Your Style!

Choose from three distinctive garage door designs – now builder- included! It’s easy to build happiness into your home when you can select the features and finishes that reflect your style – and that’s why we’re always excited when we get to expand the selection of choices available to our home buyers! Now you can […]

Finish & Feature Spotlight — Generations Living

Space for the whole family and space that’s just for you! These days, the “traditional” household is transforming to embrace families of all shapes and sizes — and as more and more adapt to multi-generational living, our homes need to adapt right along! That’s why we’re so excited to present Generations Living from Coleman Homes. […]

Finish & Feature Spotlight — Kitchen Countertops

Select the Surface That’s Right for You If you’re making selections for your brand new Meridian home, you know that choosing a kitchen countertop can be a challenge! Countertops experience regular exposure to heat, moisture, sharp knives, and more, so you want a surface that’s durable, but also one that complements your décor and your […]

Finish & Feature Spotlight — Shade Structures for your Backyard Retreat

You’ll be made in the shade with these backyard options With summer in full swing, Idaho’s soaring temperatures can make even the most beautiful backyard unbearable – that’s why shade is such an important consideration as you plan your new Meridian home. Shade structures create vertical height and interest in your backyard, help you define […]