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Finish & Feature Spotlight — Fresh Design Gallery Selections for Your Dream Kitchen

Discover terrific new kitchen selections now available at the Coleman Homes Design Gallery!

Finish & Feature Spotlight — The Captivating Kitchen

It’s the Heart of Our Home — and Yours! Have you ever noticed the way family and friends always seem to gather in the kitchen? On occasions both fancy and informal, folks are instinctively drawn to that friendly place where pans sizzle, drinks flow and kettles simmer — and conversation and laughter just naturally follow! […]

Finish & Feature Spotlight — Kitchen Countertops

Select the Surface That’s Right for You If you’re making selections for your brand new Meridian home, you know that choosing a kitchen countertop can be a challenge! Countertops experience regular exposure to heat, moisture, sharp knives, and more, so you want a surface that’s durable, but also one that complements your décor and your […]

Finish & Feature Spotlight – The Kitchen

If you’re thinking about building a new Boise area home, it can be a challenge to sift through all the details and decisions that go along with such a big project. Our new blog series, “Finish & Feature Spotlight” is designed to help you answer some of the critical home design questions you’ll encounter along […]